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Why Outsourcing PowerPoint Works
Three reasons why outsourcing PowerPoint might be a good fit for your company.

1. Outsourcing PowerPoint Saves you money
Managers and other employees can spend up to 12 weeks a year working on presentations, sometimes even more. That equals to thousands of dollars a year per employee that is spent designing and developing presentations. With Promptwise, prices start at $250 per presentation. That could equal thousands of dollars saved per year on presentation production and design.

2. Outsoucing PowerPoint improves presentation quality
Let the designers and your employees do what they do best. With a dedicated design team, you are guaranteed high quality effective presentations. Presentations that allow your content be the focal point, not the presentation itself. Your managers and employees can then concentrate on what you hired them to do.

3. Outsourcing PowerPoint Design saves you time
We deliver custom presentation in as fast as three working business days. That’s up to two days faster than our competitors! Your employees save time, thus saving valuable company resources. We deliver on time, so you can.

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